Are you ready to live Your Perfect Life?

If you could have anything in your life that you want, what would you wish for? Would you want more money? Lose weight and improve your health? Find a more satisfying job? Emerge in a more exciting love live? Create more freedom to spend your time as you please? Something else? Or maybe all of the above?

I’ve tried - and failed! - so many times to make changes to my life before.
Whenever I try to make changes, something will always come up that forces me to quit.
I’m sure I’ll try my News Year’s Resolutions again in the first few days of next year.

If this sounds like you, and you’re not living Your Perfect Life (yet),
then this programme is for you!

Your Perfect Life is a short, intense and powerful 21-day programme, based on tried and tested life coaching and mentoring methodologies, to help you finally take charge of your future and create Your Perfect Life.

When you decide to join our programme today, that means that you are ready and motivated to start making changes to your life NOW. We want you to leverage that feeling, seize this moment, and keep momentum going, because you are currently in the right mind-set to learn new things and really push forward. That’s the reason why we have designed our programme to be short and intense.

Of course, most big life changes won’t happen overnight. Chances are that your life won’t be completely different and perfect at the end of these 21 days just yet. But at the end of this programme you will have:

  • a clear picture of what Your Perfect Life looks like
  • a solid plan to push forward on actually creating Your Perfect Life
  • booked your first successes towards creating Your Perfect Life
  • practiced with tools and techniques that will last you for a lifetime, and will help you keep going on shaping and creating Your Perfect Life

Expect 5-10 minutes of content every day plus a daily exercise. We would advise you to digest the content in the morning, take the rest of the day to explore your thoughts, feeling, and ideas, and then complete the exercise in the evening or the next morning.

This programme will be valuable at any point in your life, but with COVID-19 disrupting our (social) lives and routines, there really is no time like the present. For this reason, we temporarily offer >75% discount on all the Your Perfect Life programmes. These programmes are:

  • Your Perfect Life - DYI                                                

You’ll get full access to all content & exercises, and you’ll work through the programme independently.
from £399 for only £99

  • Your Perfect Life - Group Coaching

In addition to full access to all content & exercises, you will also be invited to join our weekly group coaching video conferencing session, in which you can ask your questions and benefit from the additional inspiration that working in a group can offer.
from £999 for only £249

  • Your Perfect Life - Personal Coaching (limited places available)

In addition to full access to all content & exercises and access to our group coaching sessions, you will also receive 3 individual private coaching sessions.
from £2,499 for only £599

Are you ready to take control over your life and your future and create Your Perfect Life?