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From Eugene Nwosu's article
Awaken and Empower Your "Sixth Sense"

Here’s a simple exercise to awaken and empower your subconscious mind.  If you commit these words to memory, and repeat same to yourself, severally, morning and night, you will achieve extraordinary and positive paradigm shift, greater self-awareness, balance, equilibrium, equanimity, joy and happiness, peace and tranquility, power over negative forces, and positive success, in all things.

Repeat the following to yourself, severally, aloud (in private and by way of incantation), or quietly (whilst in public):

  • “I am Love.  God is Love.  We are one.”
  • “I am Responsible.”
  • “I am Accountable.”
  • “I am Powerful.”
  • “I am worthy of all my desires.”
  • “I choose happiness today.”
  • “I choose success today.”
  • “I choose right action today.”
  • “I choose love and goodwill to all today.”
  • “I choose peace today.”
  • “Because, I am Love, God is Love, we are one!”

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