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The Co-Writer's Journal

Writers Edge Series
by Barbara J. Cormack

Your perfect place to
capture, think, feel, discover, expand, remember, collaborate, share and dream.

As a journal, this book does not provide instruction, information, or guidance; but is designed to give each writer who is part of a team of writers, a place to capture their own step by step progress.

Every writer, from the million book sales author, to new authors, to those thinking about writing for the first time; starts out in the same place you are today; and putting your first word down on paper can feel daunting.

This journal gives you an opportunity to record your step by step progress, your thoughts, occurrences, experiences, observations, questions, inspirations, and other things.

A journal is not a record of events; but is a private record of your internal progress; it is something that you should have with you at all times, and yes! you can have more than one journal.

This journal is your Co-Writing Journal.



First published by:
PenCraft Books Limited
August, 2017