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Achievement: Cancer Free for 20 Years

by Curly Martin “Inspiring, uplifting and funny read.” Full of tips,tools, techniques,and the secrets Curly Martin used to overcome cancer. How she now lives a passionate, exciting, healthy, wealthy, happy life. Curly Martin was diagnosed with breast cancer, and an aggressive form of lymphatic cancer in 1992 and she [...]

Sixth Sense: Awakened and Empowered Subconscious mind

by Eugene N. Nwosu The world is simpler than it seems. Everything that happens occurs because of cause and effect. Eliminate the cause of relationship problems, poverty, health issues, and disharmony—and you change the effect. Too often, though, we look for external causes, when the true cause lies within [...]

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Awaken and Empower your “Sixth Sense”

When I was just a teenager, I developed a deep crush on – what I thought was – the most handsome and most intriguing young man in the world. He drove a fancy car in a nice colour that first captured my eye as he parked his car in [...]

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Does everything happen for a reason?

Many believe that things happen for a reason. They may happen to teach you something, to prevent you from something, to guide you on your path, etc. Often, the expression is used when life isn’t perfect, and the words are intended to provide some comfort and reassurance to the receiver. [...]

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